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Young Y DNA Success Stories

Case #1
John Young had identified his oldest confirmed ancestor as a James Young b1755. It is believed his father was James Sr. and his grandfather was Robert Young. In January 2005, two male descendants from this Orange/Augusta family received the results of their Y-DNA and they matched 23/25 with a Haplogroup of R1b.

John’s test showed that his Y-DNA Haplogroup is G2, Somewhere along the way a non-paternal event occurred (adoption, etc) that involved a G2 father. Just where and when can only be speculated. John has discovered through DNA testing that he has an exact match to the Maynor family in Rocky Mount, VA area (Patrick Co/Franklin Co). John now speculates this change happened with James Young b 1755, son John, born in 1782 in Franklin County, Virginia.

Jerry Maynor received his results March 2005 and matched 24/25 to that of John Young. Jerry’s family (Maynor) lived within walking distance of the Young farm, but only during the time that James Young raised his son John and siblings. It appears all the Maynors left the state sometime before 1800. Many of the other surnames living in this area and during this time period married into both the Young and Maynor Clans, but no Young married a Maynor according to court records.

G2 Haplotype is an extremely rare haplotype for Scotland/Ireland. The match would be dismissed, but because of its rarity, this is a very strong indicator of when and how we changed from a R1b to a G2.
(Only about 1-2% of modern-day people of European ancestry are in Haplogroup G and even fewer are in the subgroup Haplotype G2)

Case #2 Andrew Lamont Young
Lamont Youngs

Several people have been working to prove their connections to the Lamont Young line whose patriarch was Andrew Lamont Young born 1644 in Toward Castle, Kyles of Butte, Argyleshire, Scotland and died in Antrim Co, Ireland. Andrew’s son John had Sarah, John, Hugh, William, Jane, James, and Robert.

Harold Young & James Michael Young have matched 23/25 markers R1b Haplotype. Their paper trails both lead back to Andrew Lamont Young through son John to grandson William Young b 1705 Antrim Co, Ireland d 1818 Jessamine Co, KY.

Roy Young’s ( paper trail leads back through Andrew to son John and grandson Robert. Roy has a genetic distance of 4 on 9/12 markers. Roy matches George Young ( 12/12 markers. George suspects he connects Andrew Lamont Young through his son James C. b 1673 Antrim Co, Ireland d 1749 Augusta Co, VA.

Genetic testing of other offspring of Andrew Lamont Young will be needed to make a conclusive decision as to proper connections of these families

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