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How to get involved

The Young Surname Y-chromosome DNA Study is a volunteer genealogical activity, whose ultimate aim is to use DNA patterns for tracing Young families worldwide and for discovering relationships among these families. Although the project is coordinated by amateur genealogists, actual lab work is done by professionals at the University of Arizona through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). An interested individual contacts either Andrew Young & George Young who are the coordinators. The cost is presently $169.00 U.S. per participant for the 25-marker test plus a couple of dollars for shipping. Once an order is received, the lab will forward a sample kit to the participant so a sample of their DNA can be forwarded. Samples will be taken by scraping the cheeks inside their mouth with a swab. Instructions will be provided. The test is about as much trouble as brushing your teeth and is completely painless. It does not involve drawing blood or other intrusive methods, and it is done at home with a small kit mailed directly to participants. The participant will then return their sealed sample to the DNA lab for testing. The lab will return the sequence for each sample number to the project coordinator. These sequences would be then be added to the database and forwarded to the participating individuals. Results may be kept private, if a participant wishes, although virtually all participants have opted to place their results in an open database.


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